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Tagged by :iconBluegrassbrookie: Thanks again for the tagie:DD

I was asked to talk about Moondust so here's moondust and all her fabulous gloryXD
(I mades this up on the spot XD im bad at this )

Moondust by Timelord909

If you don't know this tag, this is the 8 character facts tag. You tag someone and their character (if you want), and they write 8 facts about them. It's so much fun and a great way to get to know your friends and the characters they adore. 


1. Moondust was born in vanhoover and grew up there with her parents and her sister Gogo. She spent most of her fillyhood playing games with her sister.  

2. She was born with a weird unknown malfunction in her horn. When she was a young filly, her horn would sometimes go off at random and zap things especially when she tired to levitate things. this was a problem throughout her foal hood and into young mare hood. . event though she was bullied. Go-go would always stand up for her sister and taught her how to use her hooves rather than levitating with her horn. Her parents sent her to visit Twilight when she was younger but her disability remained unknown. eventually it was accepted that she would never be able to pick up items unlike other unicorns. 

3.Gogo would sometimes be her sister's guinea pig when she would practice her spells when she was a filly. one day her magic went berserk and shot Moondust in her left earlobe. It gave her a scar that she will have for the rest of her life. It was annoying at first but she got used to it. It did however creep out or even scare some of her classmates, because it gave her a "Tough" exterior even though she was just a sweetheart who was afraid of using her magic in fear of causing harm to her friends or family. this made her afraid of talking to ponies in fear being judged and bullied or getting them hurt.

4. Moondust dedicated her life to learning everything she could about magic. As she got older, her magic surges became less consistent and she eventually learned how to control them with help from her sister and her mother who was also a unicorn and a doctor. She was still able to cast spells but still struggled with simple levitation. Aside from her "glitch", She was still a talented unicorn with any other spell. her parents saw Potential in her abilities and signed her up for Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. During her Placement test, As expected, She failed the simple levitation spell and ended up destroying a clipboard. The Observers looked down on her but Princess Luna was able to tell that she could still learn magic but in a different way than others would normally. and took on the challenge of training her as a student of her own. With that, Moondust moved to Canterlot for a semester to study levitation and a few other skills with Luna. after 7 months of training and studying. Moondust was successfully able to levitate a pencil independently. It turned out that she always had the ability to levitate, she just was a late bloomer and has been taught it all her life by ponies who learn and explain things differently then she could understand. over the time she spent in Canterlot, Moon developed a relationship with the princess, turns out they both had things in common when it came to being a late bloomer.

5. Her cutie mark didn't come until she was about 20 (in human years). Even though her Levitation issue was resolved, The young mare continued to help Luna. and would watch her raise the moon on a basis. This triggered a new interest in astronomy. She began reading book and attending seminars on the subject. On her birthday, her Sister bought her, her first telescope. Moondust would spend her nights on the rooftop charting constellations and the planets. Night when she was studying she caught glimpse of a new undiscovered Comet. She named it after her sister and gained her cutie mark In astronomy. (i'm still working on her cutie mark story XD)

6. She later returned to Vanhoover and opened a school for unicorns who struggled behind in their magic. moondust also was sometimes called across Equestria to give seminars on astronomy and on her discoveries. 

7. She kept in touch with Luna and would sometimes visit Canterlot to see her old mentor. Even though her interest in studying magic began to grow distant from her newfound interest in astronomy, She still would write to the Princess if she had questions about the stars or needed help with her magic.

8. Currently, Moondust loves her job at the school that is now a well known establishment. She decided to extend her program making it friendly for anypony who needed help learning their skills. Eventually she ended up employing other ponies to help branch out the school making it more accessible for others. She loves her family and is married to her job and still can't stand her sister's wild parties.


:iconwolfkodi: — Kodi

:iconregal-and-friends: —  Regal

:iconsnowball-da-snwflake: — Snowball

:iconsnowshine5: — Snow Shine

:icongj301: — your choice :D

:iconpaintingstrides: — Sky writer

:iconlittlecloudie: — Yang

:iconCheetasar: — Charger
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Hello everyone and a big ol' thank you to those who are willing to particapate in my Islandgirl909 Youtube Channel Art Constest!

I am happy to have a few people particapating and i can't wait to see your work! 
and just a heads up for ya'll

Judging will beigin FEBUARY 25th 2017 so be sure to get them submissions in and if you can title them  "islandgirl909s Contest submission"
This way i can keep track of what is in the contest and what isn't. so that's that.

And I am going to end the entery time on the 23rd so there is still time to enter the contest if u are interested.

i will recview the rules and rewards for ya

  1. Keep it "G". so nothing pornigraphic or distaseful.
  2. Keep It simple and not too complicated
  3. try to incorporate my Ponysona who i will gladly give references in a moment.
  4. try to add in my channel's name Islandgirl 909
  5. BE UNIQUE! Use your original style! have fun with it
  6. try to keep your image within 2560 x 1440 pixels

and here are the rewards because ya'll are awesome

  • first place-  Will obviously have his or her Art on my channel as a banner 
  • Second place- will recive a free art request and a big hug
  • Third place winners will recive 20 points and a gold star

and everyone will get a gold star because i like to keep up with the times XD

anyways thank you all very much for particapating reneber there is still time to enter if you are interested
and Judging ends on the TWENTY FIFTH

so good luck and have funnnnnn!!!!! 

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
  • Reading: what i just wrote
  • Watching: nuttin
  • Playing: probly minecraft when I am done writing this
  • Drinking: water

Fav oc? 

4 deviants said Go-Go
3 deviants said MoonDust
2 deviants said Dallas Shores
No deviants said Zori
No deviants said Silver Stroke
No deviants said Sassaflash
No deviants said Abigail
No deviants said Alibi


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welcome to my DA page. I am always active so it is easy to get a hold of me.
sorry in advance if my spelling ad grammar is bad
i type super duper fast and i forget to check it after i submit it so
forgive me..

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